Sober Living increases your chance for long-term recovery. If you or a loved one suffers from drug or alcohol addiction, Project Recovery's sober living homes will help you.

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Success Story

"When I graduated from rehab the first time I was strongly encouraged to go directly to sober living. Instead, I decided that I knew best and went directly back to the same place with the same boy and expected that I could stay sober on my own. Within three months I was drinking again and continued to till I was at an all new low. I returned to rehab. This time I listened to advice of others and went directly to sober living. Project Recovery provided me with the option and opportunity for a different life; such as constant support of strong women in recovery, nightly check-ins and being inspired in our in-house speaker meetings. The structured environment seemed scary at first but I am so grateful for every part of it. It’s amazing how every day something new happens that I couldn’t even imagine in my old way of life and I know that it wouldn’t be possible if Project Recovery wasn’t my home." -Vicki B.

Sober Living - Environments that promote recovery.

Sober living could be the single most important turning point in your addiction recovery or the recovery of a friend or family member. By providing a structured environment designed to teach real world life skills, a sober living house guides and prepares individuals with the essential habits critical to achieving a successful transition into self-directed sober living for a lifetime.

Sober living facilities function as a critical bridge between inpatient rehab or outpatient treatment programs and reintegration into real world living and provide statistically significant improvement in relapse prevention and overall recovery success. In addition, sober living is an effective alternative to inpatient and outpatient treatment and rehab programs.

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